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Franklin County Criminal Defense Attorney

West Frankfort Lawyer for Criminal Justice

Have you been accused of a federal crime, state crime, or been issued a traffic citation in Southern Illinois? The need for legal help can come about quickly as the result of an arrest. An attorney can be an essential advocate to fight for your rights. For more than 15 years Terry M. Green has represented clients for a variety of criminal cases, state, federal and traffic....from speeding violations to the most serious felony cases... burglary, drug, assault and murder.

Our law office is uniquely poised to handle a wide variety of criminal cases. We take the time to know our clients and understand the unique set of circumstances involved in each case. As a legal practice with strong ties to the community, Terry M. Green is known for maintaining long-term professional relationships with clients and their families.

Few have our winning combination of a long-term personal presence in the community and extensive experience working with criminal law cases in the region. We understand that unforeseen events happen to everyday people. Our clients rely on us to help them understand the full implications of their legal issues. The prospect of going through the legal process can be daunting. We help clients navigate the system in even the most complex cases.

If you are accused of a crime, the question may not be IF you can afford to hire a lawyer; but CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO! In cases that involve arrest, we help get bond amounts reduced, to get our clients released, to work on a defense strategy, and to encourage our clients to continue their lives while the legal process moves forward. For traffic violations, we strive to get charges reduced, or in some cases dropped. We always work for our clients' best interests and for the protection of their rights.

Franklin County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of a crime or received a traffic citation. Find out how Terry M. Green can defend your rights. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 618-937-3305 or contact us with an e-mail.


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